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Adventures in Sacred Chromatography

By Sue Vincent & Stuart France

Foreword by Steve Tanham


Imagine wandering through an ancient landscape wrought in earth and stone, exploring the sacred sites of peoples long ago and far away in time and history. The mounds and barrows whisper legends of heroes and magic, painted walls sing of saints and miracles and vision seeps through the cracks of consciousness.


Now imagine that the lens of the camera captures a magical light in soft blues and misty greens and gold. A light that seems to have no cause in physical reality. What would you do?


If you were open to the possibility of deeper realities, perhaps you would wish to explore this strange phenomenon...something two people came to know as sacred chromatography.


The Initiate is the story of just such a journey beyond the realms of our accustomed normality. It is a factual tale told in a fictional manner. In this way did the Bards of old hide in the legends and deeds of heroes those deeper truths for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear.


As the veils thin and waver, time shifts and the present is peopled with the shadowy figures of the past, weaving their tales through a quest for understanding and opening wide the doors of perception for those who seek to see beyond the surface of reality.


Over 60 Full Colour Illustrations

ISBN-13: 978-1492133698

ISBN-10: 1492133698


Tales from the Wondrous Head

Stuart France & Sue Vincent


“If I am consciously following a woman who is about to engage a Llama in conversation, which I certainly appear to be, it does not impinge too negatively upon my thought processes.”


What does Jack and the Beanstalk have to do with a spiritual quest? What, for that matter, is the nature of the relationship between Salome and the Jester? Why is Wen conversing with a llama in the Yorkshire Dales? And what links the beautiful and sacred landscape that is the Heart of Albion with Breakfast in Slug Town? These, and many other questions, must be considered as Don and Wen continue the journey begun in The Initiate exploring the shadowy roots of the ancient myths and legends of these Blessed Isles, steering a perilous path through the murky waters of religious symbolism and iconography.


“Breakfast in Slug Town?”


Join them on their continuing quest for knowledge and understanding as they explore the landscape of England and people it with strange creatures and even stranger theories, using sacred intent and guided imagination to penetrate into the mysteries unfolding before them.


Illustrated in full colour throughout

ISBN-13: 978-1492306702

ISBN-10: 1492306703


Contemplations on the Gospel of Thomas

Stuart France


“...It is like the smallest of seeds and if it falls on prepared soil, it produces the largest of plants and shelters the birds of heaven...”


Many scholars believe that the Gospel According to Thomas preserves a glimpse into the oral traditions of the Gospels. The book is a collection of sayings, parables and dialogues attributed to Jesus and forms part of the Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of ancient papyri found near the Dead Sea in 1945.


“Look, it’s obvious, mozzies are God’s Angels in disguise.”


In this unique interpretation Stuart France brings the oral tradition to life, retelling the Gospel in his own words, in the way it may have been shared around the hearthfires of our forefathers. Deeply entwined with the story is the personal journey to understanding, following it down some rather unusual pathways. It begins with a road trip in an arid landscape far from home; a journey that led through a country that captured imagination and set it to music. It ends with an ancient story, told as you have never read it before.


Accompanied by a commentary which draws upon the esoteric traditions of the Mystery Schools, The Living One provides a new window on an age old story, being a transmutation of the spirit of the words, born of the personal realisations of a seeker after Truth.


“Salome said to Joshua, “Who are you mister,

you have eaten from my table and climbed on to my couch as if you are a stranger ?””


ISBN-13: 978-1492378051

ISBN-10: 1492378054


Sue Vincent


"…and the swords must be found and held by their bearers lest the darkness find a way into the heart of man. Ask the waters to grant guidance and tell the ancient Keeper of Light that it is time to join battle for the next age."


Rhea Marchant heads north to the wild and beautiful landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales where she is plunged into an adventure that will span the worlds. The earth beneath her feet reveals its hidden life as she and her companions are guided by the ancient Keeper of Light in search of artefacts of arcane power. With the aid of the Old Ones and the merry immortal Heilyn, the company seek the elemental weapons that will help restore hope to an unbalanced world at the dawn of a new era.


" Sue writes with a real grasp of the human side of people which is expressed in the personalities of her heroes and the recognizable characters that they interact with. The power and essence of her story is found in the admixture of her undoubted love of Yorkshire, her ability to see the warm and the good in all people, and her knowledge of the magical forces one can find at work in such places and between such folk. An inspired piece of writing that keeps your attention until the very last page."


Dr G.M.Vasey, author of "The Last Observer" and "Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul ", co-author of “The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power”.


ISBN-13: 978-1484996249

ISBN-10: 1484996240 



Isis & Osiris, the Divine Lovers


Sue Vincent


“There was a time we did not walk the earth. A time when our nascent essence flowed, undifferentiated, in the Source of Being.”


In forgotten ages, the stories tell, the gods lived and ruled amongst men. Many tales were told, across many times and cultures, following the themes common to all mankind. Stories were woven of love and loss, magic and mystery, life and death. One such story has survived from the most distant times. In the Two Lands of Ancient Egypt a mythical history has been preserved across millennia. It begins with the dawn of Creation itself and spans one of the greatest stories ever to capture the heart and imagination. Myths are, by their very nature, organic. They grow from a seed sown around a hearthfire, perhaps, and the stories travelled the ancient highways, embellished and adapted with each retelling. Who knows what the first story told?


In this retelling of the ancient story it is the Mistress of all Magic herself who tells the tale of the sacred family of Egypt.


“We have borne many names and many faces, my family and I. All races have called us after their own fashion and we live their stories for them, bringing to life the Universal Laws and Man’s own innermost heart. We have laughed and loved, taught and suffered, sharing the emotions that give richness to life. But for now, I will share a chapter of my family’s story. One that has survived intact through the millennia, known and remembered still, across your world. Carved in stone, written on papyrus, I will tell you of a time when my name was Isis.”



ISBN-13: 978-1492881605


ISBN-10: 1492881600





The Seven Inner Stars of Power

Dr G. Michael Vasey & S.C.Vincent

Foreword by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


The Mystical Hexagram is a new book by Dr G. Michael Vasey and S.C.Vincent. The book explores a symbol. Not from some scholarly or deeply complex perspective, but seeing it as a representation relating to life and living. The forces and pressures that are associated with the hexagram are, after all the forces of life at both practical and Universal levels. By exploring and beginning to understand the symbol, we are able to learn and discover more about ourselves.


The meditations throughout the book take you on an inner journey of exploration, discovering the parallels between the self and the greater reality within which we live our lives. They illustrate the connection between the inner and outer world of the self and the cosmic forces of Creation. Having traced that connecting path, the meditations offer a practical way of applying that understanding.


In addition to the exercises the book includes two very special meditations, The Garden of Remembrance and the Circle of Healing. These two you will want to revisit many times, taking away from the experience a sense of peace and beauty.

The book is now available through Datura Press


ISBN: 978-0-9848225-5-3

GIANTS DANCE: Rhyme and Reason


Stuart France and Sue Vincent


It began with a walk over the bracken covered hillsides of Derbyshire to a lonely stone circle, almost forgotten. It was just a walk...until the hawk flew from the tree and once again the visions began.Plunged into a realm beyond reality, further than history, deeper than time, Don and Wen begin to unravel the hidden messages hidden in plain sight, concealed by habit and acceptance, and extraordinary magic framed within the small things of ordinary life.Follow a journey across the Heart of Albion and become an Initiate of the mysterious verity of verse.


“Interesting that they should seek to make the seven four like that.”

“Three harmonic pairs and a jubilant head?”

“It reminds me of something biblical.”

“It wouldn’t be Jubilees would it? The Hebrews, you know, took an awful lot with them when they fled from Egypt.”

“I know, but it’s not Jubilees, although that does bear some consideration. It’s the three-score years and ten! It’s precisely the same dynamic. In fact, we even raised the question of whether there was anything in the tradition appertaining to it."

“And now we have our answer!”

“The Hebrew’s Divinely sanctioned earthly span of life is determined by the Seven Hathors.”


Illustrated in Full Colour throughout


ISBN-13: 978-1493675678

ISBN-10: 1493675672

CRUCIBLE OF THE SUN: The Mabinogion Retold


By Stuart France


“I will dazzle like fire, hard and high, will flame the breaths of my desire; chief revealer of that which is uttered and that which is asked, tonight I make naked the word.”


Once upon a time we gathered around the flames of the hearth and listened to tales of long ago and far away. The stories grew in the telling, weaving ancient lore whose origins lie somewhere in a misty past with tales of high adventure, battles, magic and love. In Crucible of the Sun this oral tradition is echoed in a unique and lyrical interpretation of tales from the Mabinogion, a collection of stories whose roots reach back into the depths of time, spanning the world and reflecting universal themes of myth and legend.These tales capture a narrative deeply entwined through the history of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles, drawing on roots that are embedded in the heart of the land. In Crucible of the Sun the author retells these timeless stories in his own inimitable and eminently readable style. The author’s deep exploration of the human condition and the transitions between the inner worlds illuminate this retelling, casting a unique light on the symbolism hidden beyond the words, unravelling the complex skein of imagery and weaving a rich tapestry of magic.


Photography by Sue Vincent


‘The author’s creative and scholarly engagement with the material and enthusiasm for the original tales is evident throughout.’ The Welsh Books Council


‘I found it very inspiring!’ Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (O.B.O.D.)


ISBN-10: 1494785137

ISBN-13: 978-1494785130



Sue Vincent


"He asked me what it is with balls…why I love them so much. I had a think about that. It is ‘cause they fly. Like birds. I’m supposed to chase birds. I’m a bird-dog. ‘Course, she won’t really let me. It doesn’t stop me barking at ‘em and seeing ‘em off from my garden. But it isn’t the same. Somewhere, deep inside, I know what I am supposed to do, what I am supposed to be. But I can’t be that for some reason… things aren’t quite set up right for me to chase birds all day and bring them back to her. On the other hand, that’s who I am…and you can’t be anything else than that… so the balls let me be myself in a world where I can’t catch birds all day. She says that’s not unusual… She seems to think that we all know who we really are, deep down, and that we spend all our time trying to find a way to be that in a world that doesn’t quite seem to fit. We either find other stuff to express it…like balls…. Or we try and be what others think we should be… But you can’t be a terrier if you are a retriever, can you? A bit like asking a fish to climb trees. It can be done, but it isn’t easy!"


Ani, a very familiar spirit, was named for one of the ancient gods. It should, I suppose, have been no surprise when she took over the keyboard and began to write. A year later she had me collect her writings into a single volume at the insistence of her fans... who have been taken by her playful love of life and her odd wisdom...largely because she is saving for an automatic tennis ball launcher. The book is a collection of Ani’s periodic posts, Notes from a Small Dog, on, with some other pieces she has asked me to include. She even lets me write occasionally… By this time you may, of course, think I am barking mad myself… you may have a point… but I stand with Orhan Pamuk,“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”


ISBN-10: 1493669060

ISBN-13: 978-1493669066


Doomsday: The Aetheling Thing

Stuart France & Sue Vincent


"Who was this Arviragus bloke anyway?"


Don studies the light as it plays through his beer, casting prisms on the table. How is it possible to hide such a story… the hidden history of Christianity in Britain? Oh, there are legends of course… old tales… Yet what if there was truth in them? What was it that gave these blessed isles such a special place in the minds of our forefathers? There are some things you are not taught in Sunday School. From the stone circles of the north to the Isle of Avalon, Don and Wen follow the breadcrumbs of history and forgotten lore to uncover a secret veiled in plain sight.

Don and Wen continue their journey through the landscape of Albion, seeking answers to the hidden mysteries that run like streams through the hills and dales…

“The torchlight painted them red and gold, casting macabre shadows on the valley sides. The drums danced with the flames, a dance of madness or desire, the heartbeat of earth.

He stood to greet them, silence his only vestment.

They circled him, drawing him onwards, following the stream that glistened, a silvery snake in the moonlight, alive and guiding him towards the morning following, the sinuous curve of the valley to the looming shadow of the Place of Dreaming.

They laid him on stretched hide on the grass; prepared his body for burial with ochre and woad, painting him with the spirals of light. They shaved his head and crowned him with oak, and around his neck they placed garlands of flowers… life for the dead.


Doomsday: Dark Sage

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

All books available in paperback and for Kindle via Amazon

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